Zanetti Emiliano & C. snc was established in 1943 as a local manufacturing company of his own household articles.

In the year 1953 the company specified in the production of cutlery and cookware as well as in stainless steel presents.

Thanks to the quality and the design of his product range, Zanetti becomes a well known brand in the retail trade, especially in the sector of the wedding present lists. At the beginning of the 80ies his commercial and industrial strategy changes completly.

The production capacity strenghtens and the industrial process is optimalized in order to allow to Zanetti to face the European market with success. Today Zanetti is a great manufacturer of cutlery in Europe with two modern factories and a catalogue full of more than 400 articles in order to satisfy the more demanding requests in terms of design, industrial efficiency and capability of service.

Zanetti is recognised from the European market operators for the following force points:

 - an important production capacity
 - an excellent quality-price relationship
 - a prompt reply to his client's requests
 - a flexibility to create new personalised articles

Aware that the market is always changing, Zanetti looks carefully to strenghen his four points:

 - production capacity in volume
 - care to the client
 - high quality products
 - competitive prices