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you have 4 criteria:

  1. research through category;
  2. research through key works;
  3. research through bar code;
  4. research through product code.

Product card

You will find the following information:
Code :a code which identifies the product itself
Description : description of the product itself
unit : unit of measurement of the products
bar code : bar code given from Zanetti Emiliano to the product
quantity for carton : it indicates how many articles are in a carton
multiple : indicates if you can order an article by unit or by multiple as indicated (for instance: if the multiple is 12 that means you can order it in quantity of 12pcs, 24pcs, 36pcs and so on).
Packaging: : indicates the packaging type ( Packaging types click here )
Cubage: (m.3) : indicates the volume (m3) of the carton
Stock : only for registerd user
Gross price : only for registerd user
Discount: : only for registerd user
Price: : only for registerd user


in this section you can create a so called basket (it will be mantained for a month) and you can ask for an estimate; the quantity indicated are always units, and the computer system will correct them in order to respect eventually our multiples.

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